Bring your Sweet memories Back with Kamen Rider Final Mystery

Kamen Rider Final Mystery is a specific Guess picture app that want to bring your sweet memories back about several Great Hero in the past.

Everybody should be have a a special moment about their own favorite heroes when they was child. I was the one that had specific heroes that i loved so much until now. One of the favorite heroes was kamen rider, Super Sentai and Power Rangers.

Since i was child, i like so much this heroes cause the stories always bring much more amazing action of super heroes, many good lessons about life and friendship and also for a child being a super heroes that can help many people with their own abilities is like have a great pride in the eyes of friend.

Since of that time i dedicated my self to find the way to presenting the kamen rider so all the people can know if this heroes is already exist than the other famous heroes.

Luckily at this time, Itunes give me an opportunities to made kamen rider easier to remember. Thats why i made kamen rider final mystery to help your mind and soul refresh so you can guess your favorite heroes and Bring your old sweet memories back.


What made Kamen rider Final Mystery different than the other same app on itunes?

This is a puzzler game for your smartphone, and it will challenge your brain and inspire you to think for a change! It doesn’t matter just where you are. You could be on a plane, at your own place, outside somewhere or even on the job at your workplace

For some Anime fiction fans, they already known the different between kamen rider and Masked rider and also between Super Sentai and Power Rangers. To be honest they are the same characters with the original one.

Kamen Rider and Super sentai is come from japan and they always made earlier than their latest version.

Power Rangers and Masked rider is another version from Super sentai and Kamen Rider and they bring to United States by Saban brand and modify with new stories inherited on them to made the stories got unique and also interested both for child and for addult like me. With this explanation, you already known if Power ranger and Super Sentai is the same name for movies.


Kamen Rider Final Mystery come with several awesome features you can enjoy than the other App on itunes. Here is what you get when you play Kamen Rider Final Mystery:

  • 200 tricky and unique puzzles to interact with your heroes and out-guess them
  • No sign-up requirements at all.
  • The ability to play offline. With this feature, you did not need internet connection.
  • Hints are provided in case players get stuck such as ask your facebook Friend and maybe Tweet the guess to your follower so they can help you to figure out the character

This wonderful app features non-stop entertainment for your whole family. It comes with gorgeous animations, cool graphics, nice photos, mystery and intriguing picture puzzles.


The best part of this games app is entirely free, so download Kamen Rider Final Mystery from iTunes right now.

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